Air Fryer and Toaster Oven

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Air Fryer

It’s an advanced little oven that mimics roasting without putting the food in oil. A fan moves quickly through hot air and forms a crispy layer over the post-reaction as a gray reaction.

Toaster Oven

The toaster is a small kitchen appliance that looks like a small oven. But instead of running on gas like a normal stove, it is powered by electricity. The unit is also behind the front door and can usually be opened from or around the floor.

Air fryer vs Toaster Oven

Heat source

It also covers a strip of heating element under this appliance in a toaster. On the other hand, an air fryer combines more reliable heating elements in the form of a coil. In addition, there is a special stimulus that quickly presses the hot air and distributes it to the hood of the ventilation device. Some new toasting ovens feature a fan to perform the traditional theatrical function.

How to cook

The toaster contains a small selection of cooking methods. The main activities include grilling, baking and roasting. By integrating all functions and more into the air tray, the toast becomes more elastic than the oven. In general, the number one reason most people turn to the deep fryer is to have a healthy diet.

Cooking rate

The air fry cooks food half of the time a toaster will. There are several cases that the toaster will prepare foods quicker, just like when toasting slices of bread. In this example, the toaster rotates twice as fast as the air toaster.

Cooking capability

A typical air fryer is larger than the air in a toaster. Thanks to innovation and technology, it is now possible to buy air fryers like toasters. The only downside is that it will be more expensive than the traditional size.


Both devices have the same results because they are involved in the same process when preparing food. Although air fryers are more efficient than toasters, you can find many larger air fryers in the existing market.

But you have to spend more time. Traditional air frying involves cutting your food into small pieces. The nice thing about a toaster is that you can make large meals.


Compared to air fryers, toasters have a relatively low insulation content. Manufacturers are advised not to store flammable substances at home to avoid dangerous situations.

For this reason, it is recommended that you use your roasting oven in place of your fan. The fryer uses a basket that provides adequate insulation. Hence, it is recommended to use it in hot weather.

Power consumption

The toaster consumes less electricity at 1400 watts, while the air fryer works at 1600 watts. This is unsurprising as deep fryers use buffs to work.

I’m sure the difference in power consumption between the two devices will be significantly less and you won’t see a significant change in your electricity bill. Air frying is not like tossing when it comes to energy use. The isolation functions indicate that this is an energy saving device.

Cooking methods

Now you are proud of the common toast oven with different cooking methods. It usually consists of a grill, grill, and bakery (and in this case can be a baking tool as well).

On the other hand, an air fryer can perform these functions and dehydrate and fry the environment. This makes the air fryer very flexible between the two. If you still want to choose fried air instead of your food (instead of a slightly unhealthy pan), an air cooker is your best option.

And like I said at the beginning of the article, make sure you don’t use oil.


There is another way to clean both devices. If you spend a little time cleaning and aren’t making a java mug, an air fryer is a great choice.

Remember that an air fryer does not require cooking oil to cook your food. In addition, the basket is provided with a non-stick coating.

All external and internal parts of the fryer have a smooth surface for cleaning. The size can make cleaning easier.

Toast or toasters are easy to clean. In many cases, when making a toaster, you will be asked to wash off the oil with soap and a sponge.

Regardless of which tool you are carrying, it makes sense to keep the tools clean for better results.

Cooking time

Deep fryers cook more than toasters. These shorten your cooking time and reach higher temperatures faster. This function guarantees good preservation of the ingredients and a slow removal of nutrients from the cooking process.


The cost and need to maintain these two devices are the same. Any device is easy to clean, but an air fryer is easier if you don’t add oil while cooking.

The pan in the fryer is generally non-stick and easy to clean. The surrounding elements are also easy to clean. There is no difference each time you clean, although this may take less time due to the small air size. However, a toaster provides easy access to all corners of the interior while cleaning a large area of ​​the oven.

Which one should you choose?

In addition to the roasting oven, the air fryer has different purposes. Understand all the functions related to your kitchen.

For those looking for a more versatile device, a fan with a small countertop is a great choice, while also encouraging people looking to reduce their fat intake while cooking.

A toaster is cheaper than air fry. This is for people who love fried and fried food on budget devices.

The last thought

  • Which devices are at the top of the list depends on what you plan to do in the kitchen. If you eat frozen foods yourself, an air fryer is the best choice for you.
  • If you want an appliance that you don’t mind cooking chicken and turkey, the toaster is better for you. Shredding too much food in the fryer will burn it quickly.
  • While every tool has its strengths and weaknesses, all of them work well in the kitchen. However, air fryers are good for cooking crispy dishes.
  • Choosing a deep fryer or a toaster can be tricky. They both cook well and you can get something with extra features like a timer.

When choosing a toaster, you may want to decide whether you want a traditional oven or a traditional toaster.

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