Are stainless steel pans oven-safe?Must read

Yes, stainless steel pans are oven safe. But there are somethings that you should consider before start using stainless steel pans and cookware in oven.

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Why we use an oven:

Oven is a very handy kitchen appliance that you almost use every day. Whether it is a task of roasting and heating the meat, or you have to bake bread, cakes, and other desserts, it is almost impossible to cook without oven. So it is really convenient and efficient to use the oven in daily cooking routine. 

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But there are some things that one should know before using the oven. The most important thing is which cookware we can put in the oven and which one not. This article is mainly concerned with the use of stainless steel pans and cookware in the oven. For this, we have to first understand how stainless steel cookware is made and what are their characteristics which makes stainless steel oven safe. 

Composition of stainless steel:

Stainless steel metal is actually of the used form of nickel, iron ore, chromium, silicon, molybdenum, and some other metals. All of these metals are collectively heated in blast furnace for around 8 to 12 hours. The ratio of each of these metals defines the grade of stainless steel. the resulting metal alloy is cast in various shapes according to desire and need.

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Due to the high ratio of chromium in stainless steel, it is is more durable and stronger than other metals. Stainless steel is highly ductile, tensile, and tough metal. The main feature of stainless steel is that it is rustproof. The cookware and pans made up of stainless steel are more durable than cookwares made up of other metals like cast iron or copper. 

Stainless steel is also low in carbon and high in chromium. This prevents the cookware and pans made up of stainless steel from corrosion. The combination of metals in stainless steel makes a passive corrosion product layer which makes it stain, rust, and corrosion-free.

Stainless steel pans and cookware are also good at hand link acidic foods. This cookware also gives perfect heat distribution throughout utensils. 

Oven safety of stainless steel pans and cookware.

Stainless steel is a very hard metal that can be easily subjected to any kind of oven. It does not melt before One thousand degrees Celsius (1000°C). Yet there are some things that you should consider before subjecting it in the oven.

1. Handle of cookware

This is a very important factor regarding stainless steel cookware oven safety. You have to make sure that the handle of stainless steel pan is not made up of some material or metal that melts at low temperatures like 400 or 500 Fahrenheit. Mostly, the oven is operated below 400 Fahrenheit temperature. It is recommended for safety reasons that you should cover the handle of stainless steel pan with some foils like aluminum foil.

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2. Lid of cookware

The lid of the stainless steel cookware should also be considered before putting it in the oven. If lid, as well as its handle, are made up of stainless steel, then you are good to go. But it is recommended to cover cookware with some foil. It will decrease the chances of any kind of risk.

3. Manufacturer recommendation

It is highly advised to read the manufacturer’s recommendation about the oven safety of your cookware. You will find exact temperature recommendations and other safety measures regarding your specific cookware in the user manual. 

Other options:

You should also consider other options available to you. The following are some metal cookwares that are also oven safe.

  1. Copper cookware
  2. Cast iron cookware
  3. Ceramic cookware

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