How long does stainless steel cookware last?

Aging is something that is associated with everything.  everything that has been created or will be created has some age.  After this specific age, things start getting worse and face wear and tear. The same is the case with cooking utensils and cookware. Some of the cooking utensils may last for decades and some may last for the only a couple of years. Mostly the cooking utensils made of heavy materials like stainless steel and cast iron last longer than usual. The age of cooking utensils and pans depends upon various factors which I will describe below one by one.

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Factors on which age of cookware depend:

Below is the list of factor which I think matters most when we try to conclude the age of any cooking utensil. 


There are a ton of materials and metals that are being used to make cooking utensils and daily household kitchen products. The most popular of them are stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, and copper. every material has it’s own features and properties which contribute to the age of cookware made with these materials. The same kind of food may give different taste when it is cooked in different cooking materials. 

This thing also depends on the kind of utensil we want to craft out of material. Like some material is best suited for saucepan while others may be best suited for frying pan. For example, the best pen for sauteing will be very sensitive to temperature changes. On the other hand, the best cookware pot for braising food should have the capability to retain constant heat despite temperature changes. 

Hence every material has it’s on lifespan according to its features. We may also continue to use cookwares made up of certain material for a long time but after a certain time limit, the taste of the food being cooked in them does not remain the same. It is true for the number of cookware that new cookware gives a better taste than old cookware

We can see that the stainless steel cookware set can have a perfect life span of more than 50 years. On the other hand, non-stick cookware can only last up to two to three years.

2.Care of cookware:

Care of cookware is also so a great factor that affects the age of cookware. The right care of cookware can increase its lifespan for up to several years. On the other hand, if it’s care is not taken well, cookware can ruin before its average lifetime. 

Know, How to use stainless steel cookware in a proper way.

There are many factors involved in the proper care of cookware like the proper seasoning of the pan, taking precautionary measures while washing pan or cookware, consider oven safety of a cookware every time you put cookware in the oven, heating the cookware in the right way, and how you keep or store your cookware when you do not have to use them. These are the important factor that plays a huge contribution to the aging of your pan and cookware. 

Problems start appearing as cookware gets old:

There are many problems that start appearing in your cookware as it gets old. These problems are almost inevitable. It is very necessary for you to know these problems so that when you come up with these problems regarding your cookware, you should make better decisions about your cookware.

1. The copper bottom starts peeking

Unwashed pan

As time passes the material or metal loses its strength and the chemical composition of metal becomes loose. Stainless steel cookware is made up of a combination of various metals like chromium, nickel, etc, hence it is a metal alloy. Mostly the bottom of the stainless steel pan for cookware air is made up of copper. If copper starts peeking or you can clearly see the traces of copper at the bottom of your cookware, you should replace it. 

2. Leaching

The use of the same cookware for a long time results in leaching of some material in food while cooking. You can run various tests to ensure that whether your cookware is leaching or not. If it is so then you have to replace your cookware right now.

3. Pitting

Non-stick pan

Pitting is also a big issue with cookware. By the time the surface of the cookware where gets tiny holes. Pitting in stainless steel cookware can occur due to the presence of chlorides. This chloride tends to do the reaction with the surface material and create small pits in it. Pitting is also regarded as localized corrosion. 

4. Uneven heat distribution

By the time the strength and thickness of metal throughout the cookware become disturbed and variable. This results in an even heat distribution along the surface. The parts which become thin get hot earlier than the parts which are still thick. This can give a very bad cooking experience. 

5. Loose handles

Nothing remains perfect as time passes. Due to continuous washing and the use of pans and pots, their handles become loose. With loose handles, the cookware may wobble in your hands.


The decision of replacing cookware is utterly upon the conditions of your pots and pans. If you see any of these above-mentioned signs start appearing in your cookware then you should consider replacing them. Otherwise, you can keep using your cookware as long as it works fine. 

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